The economic, social and political changes during 1990’s in Turkey influenced also the fair understanding of Izmir Fair.

İZFAŞ (Izmir Fair Services Culture and Art Affairs Inc.) was incorporated on 7th February 1990.
IZFAŞ which was established in partnerships of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, Aegean Exporters’ Association, Izmir Chamber of Commerce and Izmir Commodity Exchange under leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality initiated an important development in the sector of fair organization in Izmir.

Incorporation of İZFAŞ was declared to public as “İZFAŞ has set out to bring Izmir to the position of city of fairs”. 

İZFAŞ as a company with public origin which adopted the “original” and “achievement” as principles is targeting to bring the fairs of Izmir to a level available to compete with world fairs.

The understanding of fair organization converted from “trade fair” to “specialized fair” with the establishment of İZFAŞ.

Increase in specialized fairs have made the field of Kültürpark a center of attraction for 365 days.
Specialized fairs which have developed by the incorporation of İZFAŞ were held in Izmir International Fairground of 55,000 square meters in the field of Kültürpark hosting Izmir International Fair.

İZFAŞ have been organizing all its specialized fairs in Fuar Izmir having total area of 330,000 meter squares and outdoor and indoor exhibition areas of 120,000 square meters since 2015.

İZFAŞ fairs beside their contribution to the publicity of the country, raise the economy of Izmir, Aegean Region and Turkey due to the professional visitors coming from four corners of the world.

İZFAŞ being one of the biggest entities operating in this field also by activities with cultural and social purpose beside fair organization, targets to contribute in the sectors and to give maximum result to the economy both by fairs that it holds within itself and by hiring grounds to organizers. 

İZFAŞ being one of the rare fare organizations in Turkey financed by a local government through its own resources was the first commercial fair company which was affiliated with International Association of Fairs and Expositions. It is also the first fair organization company of Turkey having the Quality System Certificate K-Q TSE-ISO EN 9000