Huge meeting of Mining Sector: MINEX

Huge meeting of Mining Sector:


MINEX – 8th Mining, Natural Resources and Technologies Fair; will bring together the mining sector in fuarizmir. The MINEX Fair, which will be held in October 23-26 2019, aims to contribute to the exportation of minerals by hosting scientists, domestic and foreign sector professionals and bringing solutions to the problems.

İZFAŞ, which brings the world to İzmir with its huge fairs, continues with the eighth of MINEX - Mining, Natural Resources and Technologies Fair which is held every two years. MINEX - 8th Mining, Natural Resources and Technologies Fair will be organised in October 23-26, 2019 with the cooperation of İZFAŞ and Unìon OF CHAMBERS OF TURKISH ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS Chamber of Mining Engineers and will be hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In the fair which was last held in 2017; important products such as the latest technology machines used in mining operations, construction machinery, technological innovations that will prevent mining accidents, gas measurement devices, refuge chambers, rescue chambers, fire alarm systems, will be introduced to the sector's professionals. Attendants from several points of the world are expected to visit MINEX in which growth is aimed this year as well. There will also be various sectoral events in the exhibition for four days.

The congress is in fuarizmir.

The seventh of the International Congress of Mining Machinery and Technologies (IMMAT) will be held at fuarizmir at the same time with MINEX. In the congress where international scientists and practitioners will participate, the developments in the mining sector will be on the agenda. In the congress it's aimed to provide an effective communication between researchers, operators, manufacturers, company representatives and managers by meeting them on the same platform. Within the scope of the congress; topics related to mining, mineral processing and beneficiation, mining machinery focused on infrastructure and their technologies will be presented and discussed by experts from all over the world.

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What's in the fair?

In the MINEX - 8th Mining, Natural Resources and Technologies Fair; there will be metallic mines, industrial raw materials, raw materials for chemical industry, raw materials for ceramic refractory glass industry, raw materials for concreted and building materials, gemstones, prospecting, mining machinery and equipment, drilling machinery and equipment, mineral processing and beneficiation machinery and equipment, auxiliary machinery and equipment, workplace health and safety equipment, tunnel and tunnel equipment technologies.

Pleased the sector

MINEX - 7th Mining, Natural Resources and Technologies Fair, which was last held in 2017, attracted great attention with its product groups which are closely related to the sector such as mining machines, protective equipment for miners in mines. Purchasers from 41 countries

including USA, Afghanistan, Germany, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Algeria, Czech Republic, China, Palestine, France, Ghana, India, Netherlands, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Spain, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Egypt, Moldova, Niger, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Jordan have visited the 7th MINEX which had a total of 322 attendants including 180 foreign attendants from 28 countries.

Turkey's mineral export

Mining sector has an important role in the annual exportation of Turkey. According to the data provided by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association, in 2018, mineral export consisting of natural stones and minerals amounted to more than 4.5 billion dollars. Exportation realized in the mining sector is at an important point among all items.