Fuarizmir was established on March 25, 2015 in order to respond to the increasing fair organization potential by considering the goal of "making İzmir a city of fairs and congresses", to create a platform in the standard of world fairs, and to maximize sectoral interaction.

Fuarizmir, Turkey's largest and most modern exhibition center, was inaugurated simultaneous with Turkey's largest specialized fair, İZMİR Marble Natural Stone and Technologies Fair.

Fuarizmir offers a comprehensive fair environment to its participants and visitors with its 4 halls, which have a technical infrastructure reinforced with the latest technology, exhibition areas, fair street, event areas, parking area, cafe and restaurant area, seminar halls and meeting halls of various sizes.

Fuar İzmir has been opened as of 25.03.2015 with the mission "to contribute to the growth of the participants" and the vision of "creating the proper environments and conditions in İzmir style" so as to continue this mission that İzmir has carried on throughout its history. As being Turkey's largest, most advanced, and newest fair center, it hosted Turkey's greatest expertise fair, namely Marble-Natural Stones and Technologies Fair so as not only to meet the city's ever-increasing fair organization potential, but also to broaden the horizon of the sector.

• Fuarİzmir consists of 4 halls reinforced with state-of-the-art equipments, an open/enclosed exhibition area, a fair street, activity areas, a parking lot, a cafe & restaurant area, seminar halls, and meeting halls with various sizes.

There are 4 halls, namely A, B, C, and D, with various sizes in Fuarİzmir. While Hall B is the largest one, Hall C is the one with the highest ceiling.

A HALL 23.500 m2 A HALL
B HALL 27.250 m2 B HALL
C HALL  16.000 m2 C HALL
D HALL 12.000 m2 D HALL