Kültürpark, which was realized by sharing the impressions of Suad Yurdkoru of his trip to Moscow in 1933 with the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Behçet Uz and which was planned as a public university, is the symbol of the city rising from its ashes, Türkiye’s window to the world by hosting Izmir International Fair and the modernization project of the Republic.

Kültürpark was put into service with Izmir International Fair, which was opened by Prime Minister İsmet İnönü on September 1, 1936. While Kültürpark beautifies the Fair with its lush environment with more than 200 valuable trees and various plant species, most of which were brought from abroad, Izmir International Fair also played a major role in the people's love and adoption of Kültürpark.

Kültürpark has five entrance gates, namely Lozan Gate, Montrö Gate, 9 Eylül Gate, Cumhuriyet Gate and 26 Ağustos Gate. Kültürpark, which has hosted Izmir International Fair since its establishment, continues to open its doors to enthusiastic visitors who fill the fair by participating in theater plays, concerts, movies, interviews, street performances and various events

In addition to hosting various organizations with art and entertainment venues such as Atatürk Open Air Theatre, İsmet İnönü Art Center, Izmir Art, Youth Theatre, Painting and Sculpture Museum, Izmir History and Art Museum, Kültürpark also provides the opportunity for the citizens of Izmir of all ages a healthy life and to do sports with its 1850 meter tartan jogging and walking track away from the noise, under the trees and among sounds of the birds. It also has a swimming pool, indoor gym and tennis court.   

Filled with the spirit of Izmir International Fair, Kültürpark has been the meeting point of Izmir and its surroundings since the day it was opened.