İzmir International Fair continues with great enthusiasm with events and concerts in its 91st year. On the fourth day of the Izmir Fair, there was a show called "Mexican Dilemma" at Atatürk Open Air Theatre, while Birsen Tezer took the stage at the Rock&Rap Stage and Birsen Tezer at Mogambo Nights. The 91st İzmir International Fair, which was held this year together with the world's largest gastronomy fair Terra Madre Anadolu İzmir, continues with all its enthusiasm and excitement. On the evening of the fourth day of the fair, the band 'Behind the Curtain' gave a concert at the Rock&Rap Stage, whose songs have been among the most listened to on all digital platforms since 2017. Fans of the group consisting of Doruk Ereşter and Resistance started arriving hours ago. The powerful duo of alternative pop music performed works from the albums of Delusions and Fall to their fans. The Rock&Rap Stage in front of Kulturpark Hall No. 3 will bring together Sena Şener, Lil Zey, Pentagram, Can Gox, Anıl Piyancı and Contra, respectively, with music lovers.

Birsen Tezer enchanted in Mogambo

One of the classics of the fair, Mogambo Nights hosted Birsen Tezer on its fourth evening.Birsen Tezer, one of the strongest voices of jazz music in Turkey, sang her own works and songs that identify with her.Tezer and his orchestra gave the audience a nice evening. Music lovers who filled Mogambo occasionally accompanied the songs sung at the concert. The music will not stop during the Fair in Mogambo. Cuban artist Ibis Maria will take the stage on September 6, Mirkelam on September 7, Öykü Gürman on September 8 and Buzuki Orhan on September 10. Tickets for Mogambo Nights, in which Ezgi Bıcılı takes the stage as a front group, are sold at ief.izfas.com.tr.

Mexican Impasse show at Atatürk Open Theater

On the third day of Atatürk Open Air Theater Activities, there was a Mexican Dilemma show. Mexican Dilemma, which is one of the most listened humor programs in Türkiye and started as a live show a while ago; Mesut Süre was on the stage of Atatürk Open Air Theater with the unique stage performance of Telling Adam and Fazlı Polat. Thousands of Izmir residents, who filled the open-air theater, had an unforgettable night in the night full of laughter and fun. Events at the Atatürk Open Air Theater will continue with the I Have Something to Tell You shows with Armağan Çağlayan.Event tickets are sold at kultursanat.izmir.bel.tr. Folkart main sponsorship hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Migros event sponsorship, Batı Anadolu, Çimentaş, ESBAŞ, İZKA İnşaat, Jimmy Key, Karluna, Luna, Nemport, Tankar, Uniteks sponsorship, İzmir International Fair held under the media sponsorship of Kafa Radio, technology until September 11. , trade, culture, art and entertainment activities that appeal to all age groups will welcome the people of İzmir.