İzmir International Fair (IEF), one of the heritage values ​​of the Republic, will open its doors for the 91st time between 2-11 September and will also host Terra Madre, the world's largest gastronomy fair. “Terra Madre Anatolia İzmir2022” will bring the fertility of Anatolian lands together with the world.

İzmir International Fair, which is Turkey's most rooted and most comprehensive fair, and which hosts the commercial and cultural memory of İzmir, continues to bring the world together in Kültürpark from past to present. This year, the 91st İzmir International Fair will also host the “Terra Madre” gastronomy fair, which was held under the leadership of the world's largest food movement, Slow Food. To fairs; With the inclusion of League of Legends 10th Anniversary Festival and İzmir Business Days, İzmir will have active days. During the fairs, which will host exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, many colorful events such as concerts, theaters, competitions and sports activities will take place, and a great contribution will be made to the city's economy.

İzmir Business Days

As part of the İzmir International Fair, the 8th İzmir Business Days will be held online on September 1 - 2 with the participation of speakers from different countries. T.R. During the Izmir Business Days, hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, the topic of "Agricultural Trade: Establishing Durable Global Food Supply Chains" will be discussed in parallel with the "Terra Madre Anatolia İzmir 2022" held simultaneously with the İzmir International Fair. With the organization, which is an international trade platform for Türkiye, many commercial agreements have been signed through business meetings between delegations and at the ministerial level, it is aimed to strengthen new cooperations, new initiatives and international commercial activities. The İzmir Business Days will host a wide range of global and local trends in which ideas will be exchanged on important issues such as transformation in agriculture, green and sustainable agriculture, the future of agriculture and food in the changing world, agriculture and food trade on the sustainable axis, and the export of products, current trends in the logistics of agricultural trade from the sea. country is expected to follow.

Full music program

During the fair, colorful events such as concerts, theaters, competitions and sports activities will be held. Fair visitors will meet at Fair concerts to experience joyful moments in September evenings. Visitors who relieve the tiredness of the day at the Grass Concerts, which have been an indispensable part of the Fair for many years, will have fun at Mogambo Nights.

On the Grass Stage; Hadise on September 2, Gülşen on September 3, Özcan Deniz on September 4, Bülent Ersoy on September 5, Tuğba Yurt on September 6, Gökhan Tepe on September 7, Derya Uluğ on September 8, Çakal&Reckol will perform at the 100th Anniversary İzmir Folk Songs Symphonic Concert on September 10 under Conductor Tuluğ Tırpan and on September 11 by Haluk Levent. Concerts will start at 21:00.

The Rock and Rap Stage, which will start in front of Kulturpark Hall No. 3 on September 3, will bring together Köfn, Patron, Those Behind the Curtain, Sena Şener, Lil Zey, Pentagram, Can Gox and Anıl Piyancı and Contra, respectively. The start time of the concerts will be 20.30.

In Mogambo, Cem Adrian on September 2, Fatih Erkoç on September 3, Ceylan Ertem on September 4, Birsen Tezer on September 5, Ibis Maria on September 6, Mirkelam on September 7, Story on September 8 Gürman and Buzuki Orhan will take the stage on September 10. Tickets for Mogambo Nights, which will start at 21.30 and where Ezgi Bıcılı will take the stage as a front group, will be sold on ief.izfas.com.tr as of September 3.

Open-air theater will host both performances and grand finale

Famous names will take the stage with their one-man shows at the Open Air Theater events. Izmir International Fair, which invests in informatics and entrepreneurship and organizes many events in this context, will also host important events of the game world at the Open Air Theatre. The Turkish Grand Final 2022, where the best League of Legends team of the year will be determined, will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2022. While the Turkish Grand Final will meet with fans in a city other than Istanbul for the first time, a special League of Legends 10th Anniversary Festival will be held on September 9 and 10 in cooperation with Riot Games. Open Air Theater Events and LOL Türkiye Grand Final 2022 tickets will be sold at ief.izfas.com.tr.

Cinema Here at İzmir Sanat

"Cinema Here", which is indispensable for the world of cinema, will be held at the İzmir Art Center in Kültürpark on September 3 - 11 with the films "Gastronomy and Nature Themed" in parallel with Terra Madre Anatolia. The films The Land of Honey, We Kidnapped the Goats, The Stubborn, Princess Mononoke, Ulamış Village Theater Documentary, Sideways, Moana, A Handful of Dreams, Salt of the Soil, Breaking the Shell, Loraks and Minari, which are valuable examples of cinema, will meet with art lovers between September 3-11.

Game competitions and entrepreneurship events at the Fair

İzmir International Fair will also host the Next Game Startup Entrepreneurship Competition, which enables young entrepreneurs who want to take part in the game industry to establish successful game start-ups and aims to lead them to open up to the world by professionalizing them. The 10 teams that made it to the finals in the competition will compete for the place by making their presentations. The leaders of the industry in the field of games and entrepreneurship will come together with the Next Game Startup Competition and Game Entrepreneurship seminars. With the final of the competition that will take place on September 11, 2022, the top three will win prizes. In addition, while the fund-raising entrepreneurship event is held for young entrepreneurs, the participants will have the chance to develop and promote their projects by meeting with mentors. Simultaneously with these events, various events will be organized with the award-winning Intel&Vatan Computer Game Jam and console tournaments.

Activities appealing to all ages from 7 to 77 at Izmir International Fair

At the Fair, which will open its doors for the 91st time; activities that appeal to all age groups from all walks of life, from technology to culture, art and entertainment, will meet with visitors. Various activities such as children's theater, musicals, live sculptures, pantomimes, clown shows, and storytelling will be held for the children who come to the Fair with the İzelman Fair Children's Club, İzmir Children's Stage, and Pony Club. The Quiz Contest, Adventure Track and Zipline, where questions about İzmir will be asked to the contestants, and mobile activities will also provide visitors with enjoyable and entertaining days. While different programs will be held in which Altay, Altınordu, Arkas, Bucaspor, Göztepe, İzmirspor and Karşıyaka sports clubs will take part, activities such as canoeing, table tennis and orienteering will also be held. In addition, with the Upcycling Workshop of the Take Care of Your Garbage Foundation, awareness will be raised in the participants.

Exhibitions will meet visitors

In addition, Re - Waste Exhibition in cooperation with the Swedish Consulate & Take Care of Your Garbage Foundation, Terra Madre - Real Food is Our Future Exhibition in cooperation with Göztepe Rotary Club and IFOD, Following the Snail Exhibition in cooperation with Fırat Karapınar - Kasım Demir, Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Great Victory The True Independence Exhibition, the Hive Exhibition with Beyza Durhan and Nadide Acar Karaca, the Kurda Kuşa Aşa and Göze Exhibition with Lalehan Uysal, the Fruit Plate Exhibition, the Pottery Ahmet Usta and the Menemen Soil Arts Exhibition and the Felt Exhibition with Ayfer Güleç will also host the visitors. The Anamorfoz Atatürk Project by Czech Sculptor Patrik Prosko will also be open to visitors.

Sponsors Folkart and Migros at the 91st IEF

İzmir International Fair to be held for the 91st time; It will be organized by İZFAŞ, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The Main Sponsor of the Fair, which will be held between 2 – 11 September 2022, was Folkart, and the Event Sponsor was Migros. Kafa Radio was the media sponsor. Entrance fees to the fair; 8 TL for the full student, 3.50 TL for the student. Entry and exit can be made from all gates of Kültürpark and fair events will be held between 16.00 - 23.00. Free entrance can be made by showing the QR code on the entrance tickets purchased for Mogambo Nights, Open Air Theater events and LOL TBF Türkiye Grand Final 2022 at ief.izfas.com.tr at the Fair entrance gates.