Natural stone trade opened to the world from İzmir

Every state of the stone is in Marble İzmir

Marble İzmir Fair, the expected meeting of the sector, embraced all forms of natural stone. Many product groups such as blocks, processed stones and designs found their buyers at the fair, which meets all needs with a variety of colors and patterns. While all of the block stones, whose tonne ranges from 80 dollars to 3,000 dollars, are sold; national and international participants completed their orders for 2022 with the products they exhibited.The heart of the world natural stone industry has been beating in İzmir for three days. Marble İzmir Fair continues to create new trade opportunities for the sector between 30 March-2 April. Stones extracted from all quarries of Turkey, with 650 different colors and textures of natural stone, are introduced to the world in all their forms, from blocks to processed products.

All of the block stones were sold, the orders for the exhibited products were taken

The most well-known marble types in the international market are Süpren, Burdur beige, Elazığ sour cherry, Akşehir black, Manyas white, Bilecik beige, tiger skin, Denizli travertine, Marmara white, Aegean burgundy, Milas lilac, Gemlik diabase, Afyon sugar, Afyon white and granite and Travertine stones were exhibited outside as a block within the scope of the fair. Block stones weighing between 20 and 30 thousand tons; A ton found buyers at prices ranging from $80 to $3,000. All of the block stones, which attracted great interest before the fair opened, were sold on the third day of the fair. In addition to the block stones, the exhibitors exhibit their products specially prepared for the fair in halls A, B and C. While the participating companies take their orders for 2022 for all the products they exhibit; It is also appreciated by visitors with its attractive design products.

Made from 18 tons of raw blocks

The huge statue of the character "Hulk", the beloved hero of the world-famous Marvel comic book series, is on display as part of the fair. Rustic green marble extracted from Karabük was used in the sculpture, which was made so that natural stone could be sold as a value-added product. The sculpture, which was prepared for the fair and produced in 40 days, was processed from a total of 18 tons of block stone. In addition to the statue, table football, angel wing, mummy statue, piano, different kinds of sculptures, three-dimensional paintings, ornaments and kitchenware, accessories and mosaics attracted great attention. Also at the fair, the zurna made entirely of marble drew attention. The musical instrument, which is known for being made of hard woods and produces the sound in this way, is important because it produces the same sound even though it is made of marble.

Turkey will lead the world stone fashion

Reyhan Sezgin, the company representative, who stated that they participated in the fair with approximately 50 types of stones, said, “Italy determines the fashion everywhere from furniture to textiles. We are slowly getting over it. Turkish stone is written and used in many projects. As Turkish stone is used in such prestigious projects, we will direct the stone fashion. Light grays and whites are very fashionable this year. Different structures, rarely seen stones are in fashion. Marble is also used in furniture. It is used as a design product. The more value you add to the stone, the higher its value will be. This year, we brought 36 stones and branded 170 stones in total to sell to our customers. We miss being here so much. It is a pleasure to be with all our stakeholders.”

Turkey-Iran cooperation in the world market

Mohammad Halajian, who participated in the fair as part of the Iranian Pavilion, said, “We are attending for the first time as the Iranian pavilion. We have 20 companies. We had very good relations at the fair. We continue to grow with the fair every year. Our companies are very happy. We do business with Turkish companies all together. Marble İzmir Fair is among the leading natural stone fairs in the world. We are always with the fair. We have many different colors of onyx stone. Turkey and Iran support each other for their own projects. We need each other in projects used in world trade. As Turkey and Iran, we have 70% of the world's reserves. We cover a large proportion of the world market. Right now is very good timing for our region. I have full faith in this fair that we will win together”.

They introduced their products with Metaverse

Burak Alimoğlu, the owner of the company that brings its visitors together with technology; “We brought Afyon Gray derivatives, Afyon Sugar, Afyon Violet, Denizli Travertine and 4 blocks of stone. We removed the stones we exhibited from our quarries in the last two months. At the fair, we exhibit the stones of the quarries we work with. We did this by creating different spatial perceptions. Apart from this, we are exhibiting a part of the metaverse universe, which knows no space and is trending, in our booth with an unlimited square meter. We also exhibit products related to design. At this point, our customers have reached high quality images thanks to technology. With Metaverse, the hybrid fair has become a little more interesting. The fair is going very well. We have hosted visitors from nearly 25 countries so far. It's a satisfying fair. I hope we experience the same intensity every year. We are very pleased with both the visitors and the participants.”

T.R. Marble İzmir 27th International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized by İZFAŞ under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce, Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB), Turkey Marble Natural Stone and Machinery Manufacturers Association (TUMMER), Istanbul Mineral Exporters Association (İMİB), Aegean Mine Exporters Association (EMİB), Western Mediterranean Exporters Association (BAİB), Denizli Exporters Association (DENİB), Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO) and İzmir Chamber of Commerce ( It is supported by IZTO).