Hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Real Estate, Construction and Urban Transformation Fair - Rescon Expo, organized in cooperation with İZFAŞ and Nobel Expo Fuarcılık, brought together all the components of the sector, many agreements were signed, and İzmir's realization with on-site transformation and 100 percent consensus. urban transformation model was presented to Turkey as an exemplary model.

Real Estate, Construction and Urban Transformation Fair Rescon Expo brought together all the components of the sector, from real estate consultancy to housing projects, from cooperatives to land offices, in fuarizmir last week. Visitors from many cities of Türkiye, especially the Aegean Region, and from countries all over the world, from Europe to Asia, came to Rescon Expo, which was organized to contribute to the real estate, construction and urban transformation sectors to serve the cities of the future. During the fair, sales were signed with many cooperation agreements with the interest of local and foreigners.

Projects shaping the Türkiye of the future in urban transformation

The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, acting with a vision that inspires the Türkiye and the world of the future, with its own assurance and guarantee, on-site transformation and urban transformation projects implemented with 100 percent consensus also attracted great attention from the exhibitors and visitors at the fair. In addition to the urban transformation projects of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, other projects produced for the city were exhibited at the İZBETON stand. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Konak Municipality also conveyed the urban transformation projects they carried out in their stands to both sector representatives and visitors. In addition, the cooperation that emerged with the procurement committees and bilateral meetings contributed to the development of the sector and related sectors for the coming periods.

Conversations contributed to the industry

Interviews to be held within the scope of the fair also contributed to the sector. Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Murat Karayalçın talked about "Ankara Experience in Urban Transformation". A session was held with the participation of the heads of the Chambers of Civil Engineers, Architects and İzmir Real Estate Agents. While TARKEM General Manager Sergenç İneler talked about his works and projects and discussed the urban transformation from a different perspective, Prof. Dr. Ruşen Keleş and Ali Faruk Göksu also evaluated urban transformation from the perspective of academics and project producers. In addition, sessions were held with the participation of representatives of the sector, non-governmental organizations, associations and bureaucrats.

Participants left the fair hopeful

Participants also evaluated the fair by expressing their satisfaction with the interest they received despite the fact that it was held for the first time this year.

Hüseyin Aslan, President of Ege-Koop:

“We have been operating for 40 years and we are an institution that builds new cities where 150 thousand people live. As someone who knows that our Mayor, Mr. Tunç Soyer, attaches importance to the organization of the people and that this can be done more appropriately through cooperatives, the importance and support shown to cooperatives in urban transformation is very important. I hope it will be successful and set an example for urban transformation. It is also pleasing to have such a fair and it was a necessity for İzmir. We are pleased with the interest we have received and I think that the fair will grow in parallel with the interest our city receives from home and abroad in the coming years.”

Halil Kurt, Member of the Assembly of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Building Cooperatives Committee, Chairman of the Board of Batı-Koop: “In my opinion, cooperatives are the most suitable way for people to have housing. Our President Tunç Soyer paved the way for cooperatives in the moves of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in urban transformation areas, as he knows and attaches importance to cooperatives.In this way, these works will be carried out without being victimized by right holders and housing buyers. This fair was also a big deficiency. It was a fair where we introduced our urban transformation and other activities. The interest was intense, we decided to enlarge our stand and make a contract to take part in the fair next year.”

Hüseyin Çankaya, Head of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Special Projects and Transformation Department:

“As the Department, we have been carrying out projects related to urban transformation areas for three years. When we first heard about the fair, we wanted to attend and we really thank İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İZFAŞ. We had the chance to convey the projects we carried out, how we tried to reach a solution from the problem, to introduce our projects, to convey this information to public institutions, professional experts, people in the relevant sector, and to discuss our thoughts.

Folkart - Deniz Bayraktar:

“Folkart is a company that has already established a throne in the hearts of Izmir. There is a lot of interest, there are many people who want to be informed about our new projects. They are asking about our next projects. We provide them with the necessary information. We meet with managers and sector representatives, we exchange information. In that respect, I think this fair is a suitable platform.”

Tanyer Structure- Ayşe Turgut:

“We are promoting our Tan Urla project at the fair. In addition to domestic investors, we saw that foreign investors demanded the fair from Russians, Uzbeks and the Far East, and we received much more interaction than we expected. There is intense interest. We reflected the ambiance of the project to our stand, with our natural grass and olive trees. We are definitely planning to participate in the next fair as well, we think that it will attract much more attention in the coming period.”

Onag Structure - Gültekin Pera - Niyazi Gültekin:

“We came to the fair with pleasure. Izmir needed such a fair. There is great interest in our projects and we are pleased with this interest. İZFAŞ is at the center of this business and we believe that there will be better fairs ahead with the support and joint organization of the sector.”

Coldwell Banker Yön Real Estate - Fatih Yüce:

“The feedback we received at the fair is very good. Foreign investors came and the people of Izmir showed interest. We are working on a project basis, the Russians and Iranians showed interest, we also made a few sales. It was a productive fair for us, we are pleased. We will be in a larger area for next year. We think it is an important fair for İzmir and for us, and we attach great importance to it.”

RE/MAX Kuvars Real Estate - Erhan Kahraman:

“There is a great interest especially in our field at the fair. Besides İzmir, there were young people from Manisa, Aydın and neighboring provinces studying real estate management. We had visitors who wanted to sell their house or buy a house. We had the opportunity to meet many companies. We have built very good relationships. Our president had very good messages. We are very happy and we will definitely be here next year.