Bringing together the ready-to-wear and textile technologies industry, Fashion Prime and Fashion Tech fairs continue in fuarizmir. Fashion shows, conversations and exhibitions are followed with interest in the fairs, where fabric, apparel sub-industry, ready-made garments, apparel machines and printing technologies are exhibited simultaneously. During the fair, a talk on "Towards the Textile Bineal - 8 Thousand Years of Textile in İzmir" was held and fabric fashion shows were held, with the famous model Gizem Özdilli on the podium.

Fashion Prime - Textile, Ready-to-Wear Suppliers and Technologies Fair organized by İZFAŞ and hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Fashion Tech - Ready-to-Wear Clothing, Apparel and Textile Machinery, Textile Printing Technologies Fair held in cooperation with İZFAŞ - İzgi Fuarcılık, is the capital of Turkey in the textile industry. It aims to add strength to İzmir's power.

8 thousand years of history of textile in İzmir

Moderated by İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum Director Dr. Curator, Poet, Nihat Özdal, Head of Ulucak Tumulus Excavation, Trakya University Faculty Member Archaeologist Prof. Dr. Özlem Çevik and artist Yekateryna Grygrenko talked about the 8,000-year-old history of textiles in İzmir.

Prof. Dr. Özlem Çevik said that, according to the findings they obtained, Ulucak Mound in the Kemalpaşa district of İzmir is the oldest textile production center of the Aegean Region, “The excavations carried out in Ulucak Mound are important for understanding the cultural history of İzmir and its surroundings, Aegean and Southeastern Europe. carrying. The cultural layers in the mound reveal many unknown points about the region's history, especially from prehistoric times. It is very important that more than 300 spindle whorls and loom weights used in textile production were found in the excavations. In fact, we can find 50-60 spindle whorls in a single house. This shows that they specialize in textile production. Maybe they were bartering for textiles. In addition to these finds, clay seals were also found. Clay seals are thought to have been used elsewhere for tattooing or printing on textiles. The presence of spindle whorls and loom weights in Ulucak indicates that they were used in textile products. When we look at the scientific publications, we see that there are very few spindle whorls and loom weights in other places. When we look at Ulucak Höyük, there are a large number of houses in some houses. This is due to intensive production. For this reason, we can say that this is the oldest textile production center of the Aegean Region.”

This biennial will actually be the biennial not only of İzmir but also of Türkiye

Collector, poet and curator Nihat Özdal talked about his recent works at the Izmir Museum of Accessible Modern Art, saying, “We have worked for visually impaired individuals, consisting of many classical art works and replicas, the main material of which is fabric, as well as independent works of artists. I established museums in many cities of Anatolia, I provided consultancy to the ethnography museums of Kayseri, Hatay, Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep. What we call ethnography gives us information about the experience of that region, tribes and cultures, such as gastronomy and textiles. As it is known, İzmir is a city where textile factories produce lively and dynamically. The ruins found in Ulucak Mound proved to us that İzmir and its surroundings were a vibrant and dynamic production center for textiles 8,000 years ago. Anatolia is actually a textile geography, there are stories about Türkiye textile art in the shaman patterns coming from Asia. This geography, which is between the west and the east, will be the scene of a biennial that concerns the world, and this biennial will not only be the biennial of İzmir but also of Türkiye," he said, explaining the importance and contribution of the textile biennial for İzmir. Yekateryna Grygrenko told about her works by stating that she brought together all disciplines related to contemporary art and produced her production using fabric.

Fashion shows attracted great attention

Many local and foreign guests watched the fashion shows held on the second day as part of the Fashion Prime - Textile, Ready-to-Wear Suppliers and Technologies Fair. The fabric fashion shows of World Of Fashion Erkan Yılmaz, consisting of 45 dresses prepared with the products of the leading fabric manufacturers of the sector, Karteks, Zipon and Erler, 15 dresses prepared with the products of the Serteks company, and 21 dresses designed with the products of the manufacturers, were performed by Choreographers Serkan Duman and Gökhan Duman for 35 people. It was carried out with the Duman Agency model. Famous model Gizem Özdilli also took part in the mixed fabric fashion show in a white dress that drew attention with its design. Erkan Yılmaz said that they have been preparing for the fair for 5 months and that they are proud and excited to introduce the products of elite fabric companies with this organization.