Organized with the theme of “Domestic production, global trade”, Expo Tech - R&D P&D Innovation Industry and Technology Fair hosted local and foreign exhibitors and visitors for four days and brought together all actors using technology from different sectors under one roof in İzmir became the meeting point of innovative technologies.

Expo Tech - R&D P&D Innovation Industry and Technology Fair, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and organized in cooperation with İZFAŞ and Ekaglobal Fair Organization, will be attended by manufacturers using technology in all sectors from automotive to defense industry, from chemistry to food, from energy to informatics, as well as R&D centers, universities joined. The most innovative products of R&D centers, design centers, companies in the incubation and startup stages, and companies located in technoparks and organized industrial zones were also exhibited at the fair. The fair, in which 75 participants took part, was visited from all over Türkiye, from Afyon to Gaziantep, from Ankara to İstanbul, from Kayseri to Tekirdağ, from Germany to the USA, from France to Tajikistan, from Tunisia. It had visitors from a total of 17 countries, from Venezuela to Venezuela.

Expo Tech, which is also a technology meeting point, has become an international marketplace where the heart of production and trade beats. It has also become a platform for young people to meet with technology and express themselves in real terms, giving opportunities to new entrepreneurs and startups, opening new doors to investors. With the fair, it was also aimed that the leading industrialists in the sector meet with the suppliers to enlarge their workforce and to increase the rate of locality in production. Within the scope of the fair; 12 panels, 10 conferences, 8 sector meetings, face-to-face business meetings with local and international companies, and special sessions for startups where they have the opportunity to meet with angel investors and promote their projects, with the participation of many experts and academics carried out.

What did the participants say?

Exhibition booth with paper honeycomb panel

Arespak Ambalaj, which participated in the Expo Teck with its fair stand produced entirely from recycled paper honeycomb panels, drew attention with its different stand design. Arespak Packaging General Coordinator Cenker Gezgin stated that they produce many products such as cardboard boxes, honeycomb panels, honeycomb panels and pallets, and said that the exhibition stand, which consists entirely of honeycomb panels, is important in terms of environmental awareness and sustainability. Indicating that the fair stand was met with great curiosity and interest by the participants, Gezgin said, "We are an innovative company in the sector, following the technology, and our stand, which is produced with environmentally friendly honeycomb panels, all of which are made of recycled materials, is one of the most innovative products in our sector. Although it consists entirely of paper, it provides high strength and can be reused many times. In addition, the use is completely recyclable and completely environmentally friendly. In addition, it is much more profitable in terms of cost compared to its alternatives. We are very pleased with the interest we have received, and we hope to see our honeycomb panel stands in more places in the near future.”

Industrial giant BMC, which produces in different fields from the defense industry to commercial vehicles, also participated in the fair; Amazon, an unmanned armored vehicle capable of being used with remote control and capable of carrying an armed drone, and one of the most remarkable projects of the recent period, the domestically produced, born armored SUV model Tulga. Reminding that they produce and export in many fields from buses to trucks and the defense industry, the company officials said, “The history of İzmir, the Aegean, and the automotive and defense industry is obvious. Spare parts etc. The potential is great when we include the producers. As a company, we always care about taking part in fairs in İzmir. We are confident that Expo Tech will come to a much better place in the future with the support and participation of companies like BMC, and it will be a meeting point where new technologies are exhibited with participants from our country and abroad.”

Architect Selin Küçük, the founder of FieldTech, which is an integrated solution that combines field and office work in fields such as archeology, cartography, construction, and mining, which has won many national and international awards, expressed that they were pleased with the interest they received at the fair. Stating that they have attracted interest from many fields, from domestic and foreign visitors and the defense industry to public institutions, Küçük said, “We left behind a productive fair. The four-day Expo Tech İzmir, where we met with our foreign visitors, representatives of public institutions and private companies, was very pleasant and productive. T.R. Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, was among our visitors.

Eda Alparslan, Business Development Specialist of Volt Teknoloji, a company of Saya Group, which is among the fair participants, stated that they produce various engines in the field of defense industry and said, "We produce generator systems in many projects carried out by TAI in the field of aviation, we also produce some parts in domestic helicopter projects. As an İzmir company, it is important for us to be here. It was an opportunity to tell about our products and what we do in our own city, and to show our contributions to the defense industry. We are pleased with the interest we have received,” he said.