The most organic meeting: ECOLOGY Izmir Exposition

The most organic meeting: ECOLOGY Izmir Exposition

Ecology Izmir Exposition will be held between 15 and 18 May 2019 at fuarizmir. The exposition, where the sector representatives will meet, will attract the attention of the world with its wide range of organic products, organic business platform activities, organic market and ecological playground.

10th ECOLOGY Izmir Exposition will be organized by İZFAŞ with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the cooperation of the Association of Ecological Agriculture Organization (ETO) between 15 and 18 May at fuarizmir. Organic product range is expected to attract great interest in 10th ECOLOGY Izmir Exposition which will include certificated organic products, control and certification establishments, and various activities.

Pleasant and healthy

Many innovations will be held at the 10th Ecology Exposition. In ECOLOGY Izmir which will be held in Fuarizmir Hall A, the organic products and special designs produced by the exhibitors will be exhibited. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste certified organic products in the Organic Living Area to be created. The organic restaurant area and the packaged organic product sales section will be located at the exhibition where the sales area, organic cafeteria and Ecological Children's Playground will take place. These areas will offer an opportunity to have a pleasant and enjoyable time.

There shall be international Meeting and Exhibition area related to “Ecological Personal Care, Cosmetics, and Cleaning Materials” which is an important activity in the exhibition. The program, which will be held in Turkey for the first time at the exhibition, exhibitors will exhibit shows with the different products made with organic materials.


Organic food to be discussed

In cooperation with Bio Foundation/Switzerland, the important companies of the sector in Europe from organic food sector will meet on 16 May at fuarizmir. In the congress named Regional Organic Trade and Marketing Platform “establishing bridge between organic production and consumer markets”, legal requirements in trade with Europe and America, retail market, ethic, and fair trade in Germany, and retail and export sector in Turkey will be evaluated.

Organic personal care and cleaning products activities

In cooperation with Bio Foundation/Switzerland, the major companies in the sector coming from the European organic sector and conducting production marketing in Turkey will meet in fuarizmir at the date of May 17.

Bilateral meetings will be held

Exhibitors in the exhibition will also have the opportunity to meet with industry representatives, entrepreneurs and visitors one-on-one. It is aimed that the interviews to be made in this context will contribute to the sectors related to the exhibitions and will increase the trade potential.

10th ECOLOGY Izmir will have product groups such as organic food, organic clothing, organic baby products, textiles, organic personal care and cleaning products, organic fertilizers, drugs, traps, organic tourism and various machines.