Natural Stone Transformation at 25th Marble Izmir Fair

Natural Stone Transformation at 25th Marble Izmir Fair

The construction of the future is now undergoing design and technology. While the world was moving towards the heart of technological transformation, the fair sector took its share from the process. In the sector, besides the trade, the design and event activities where future investments are made started to come to the fore.

Izmir Fair, which is one of the brand faces of Turkey in the world, has also adapted to change with the branding movement in the design initiated in 2018. In 2019, fuarizmir will be the center of creativity and design. The natural stone transformation movement will be announced to the world at 25th Marble Izmir Fair.

Izmir Fair, which is one of the oldest symbols of economic development in Turkey and which met the need of a fair area in international standards in 2015. fuarizmir, which is one of the most important pioneers of local and national development, serves as an admiral ship to be used in the construction of the future.

The future changes and the way to be permanent is to keep up with the change. More than 650 colors and textures are produced and Turkish natural stone which forms 40 percent of the world reserves, also changes shape. Natural Stone Source 25th Marble Izmir Fair invites the entire world to become partners in the transformation of natural stones.

Investments of the future will be made at the 25th Izmir Marble Fair

World Natural Stone forum, designer platform and industry chats, organized at the 24th marble Izmir Fair, informed participants and visitors about the production standards of Turkish natural stone. The representatives of the natural stone industry from all around the world have called on the sector to evaluate the problems and to move together to promote the use of natural stone and to increase the quality. While the architects and designers gave the message that the oldest building material in the world should be used in every project, the young talents presented designs that would guide the future of the sector.

The movement to change the shape of the natural stone in 2018 and directing future designs will show itself at Marble Izmir Fair, which will complete its quarter-century in 2019. This year, Turkish natural stone standards are increased. Marble Izmir Fair, which offers an experience for the participants, will invest in the future with activities that transform this experience into high value added products.


The use of natural stone in the world at fuarizmir arena

The 5th International stone Congress will mark the exhibition with its adventure of natural stone, a geological heritage, from antiquity to the present day. In the Congress, presentations will be made on the design of natural stone, the importance of stone in contemporary architecture design, cultural dimension of stone, design innovative methods in stone production and use of mosaic design. In addition, the World Natural Stone forum will be organized by representatives from America, Spain, India, Iran, Brazil, Russia, China and Turkey.

America aspires to Turkish natural stone

One of the important events that kept the golden years alive in 2018 was the participation of the Natural Stone Institute (NSI) to Marble Izmir Fair, which is the biggest natural stone exhibition in the world. Natural stone Institute, one of the world's largest natural stone organizations, attended the fair in order to increase the natural stone exchange between Turkey and America. The institute, which is a commercial association hosting more than 2,000 members from 55 countries around the world, introduced its user guide which includes every phase of the natural stone industry from the manufacturer to the end user at the fuarizmir for the first time in Turkey. In the seminar organized by the board members of the institute, America's expectations from Turkish producers were also discussed. The aim of the seminar was to increase the natural stone exchange and productivity in production between Turkey and the Western world.

In 2018, the only latest development between Turkey and America in the natural stone sector was not the participation of NSI to the fair.  Marble Izmir Fair, which launched its 25th anniversary in September in Verona, was awarded a special certificate by the Natural Stone Institute due to its outstanding efforts to promote the natural stone industry to the world by cooperating with all trade associations around the world. In this way, as of 2018, the Fair became one of the institutions recognized by the Natural Stone Institute, which is the largest natural stone company in the world.

Turkey can be the most important supplier of the Western world

Natural Stone Institute officials, indicating that Turkey, which has the richest resources in the world, is one of the important partners of America, believe that all natural stone resources in the country are still unexplored or abandoned because it is not suitable for production. At this point, with the advancement of stone processing technology, the value of Turkey in the world market will increase exponentially; the Institute will make the first applications in Turkey at 25th Marble Izmir Fair.

NSI will participate in the fair with a team of 40 people in order to train local companies on the production standards of natural stone. The aim of the training will be explained by making the tests according to the natural stone standards determined by the American Institute of Test and Materials (ASTM), is to increase the value of the Turkish stone in accordance with the world standards. If Turkey succeeds these practices that emphasize quality and efficiency in production, it will make an important investment for the future of the natural stone industry. Manufacturers will use less resources and produce more efficient products, as well as become the largest supplier in the Western world. America will participate in 25th Marble Izmir Fair in order to call for cooperation by stating that this market is a great buyer.

25th Marble Izmir will become an international market

The 25th Marble Izmir Fair, which introduces Turkey to the world with its product diversity and quality, will also be a bridge connecting the Middle East and the Western world. The Fair, which is the common meeting point of both markets, will become an international market with reception committees, foreign visitors and participants. In 2018, the “international pavilion”, which was established for the first time in order to strengthen the national participation of countries, will take place this year with an even greater participation. Afghanistan, Iran, India, Brazil and China are expected to participate in the fair as national, Iran's participation will grow three times this year. Iran will also establish a private block exhibition area in the block area. While Afghanistan and Iran come to the forefront with their unique marble varieties from their countries, Brazil and India will be able to introduce boutique granite varieties with different combinations of colors and patterns at the fair. China will take its place at the fair with supplies used in natural stone industry.

Design events will come to the fore

Preparing to shape Turkey's future according to world standards, 3 workshops will be held at 25th Marble Izmir Fair. The natural stone Institute will also prepare a workshop on the production of stones suitable for use in the 5th International Stone Symposium. In addition, a “designer Habitat Workshop” will be held for the first time in the fair.  One of the important steps taken in the field of design in 2018, The Young Creative Idea platform will be held for the second time in 2019. Offering “different” ideas to the transformation of natural stone, the platform will strengthen the sector with new designs and encourage designers to international markets.